We are an association devoted to helping disadvantaged children since 1991, and we've had our own structure and status since 1998.

Our association has been acknowledged for its non-profit help mission, and has a comity composed of 10 active members.

The home for children age 4 to 21 is located in Kerala, which is at the Southern end of India. The sponsored children we help are often deprived of their father or mother or only have distant relative to love them.

Children are now as many as 70 for the girls and 50 for the boys and live in separate buildings that have been prepared for them to be fed, housed, taken care of and above all educated.

For many years and thanks to its sponsoring system, our association has been able to guarantee a monthly sum to Pastor Pappy Daniel, who's been since the beginning at the lead of the beautiful project La Maison des Enfants.

On location, 10 women help him take care of the gils and 10 women take care of the boys. They're present all day for the good functioning of the children's daily life but most importantly bring a drop of love to each one, considering the existing lack of it.

Currently, we have a project in our hearts: we would really like to be able to creat a carpenter apprenticeship for boys who are of age of learning a craft. It's our privilege to communicate our needs in order to be able to - thanks to your help - realise this challenge!

The comity is at your disposal if you'de like to meet us and find out more about our project and needs.