La maison des enfants (The House of Children)

« La Maison des Enfants » is a welcoming home and learning center for poor children and for those deprived of a stable home.

The home is lead by an Idian minister, Pappy Daniel, assisted by a team devoted to educating and making sure our children are well.

Our association has been active for over ten years and now supports over 80 boys and girls in the village of Cheppad, county of Allepey, Kerala (South of India).


From gift to reality

The association « La Maison des Enfants », and more specifically its comity collects funds by sponsoring children, organizing concerts, selling articles (calendars, postcards, hands on crafts) at public events, etc.


Concrete help

All donations are redistributed on the field, enabling children to be fed, housed and educated.

Thanks to the excellent work of Pappy Daniel and his team, children, once they've become adolescents, have the opportunity to continue their education or to learn a craft. Some among them will thus become carptenters, seamstresses or IT experts.