Our association started taking part in the vast effort of reaching out to children in India in 1991. Back then, we were supporting 20 children in need and today, this volume more than tripled since we're now helping over 60 children.


Our comity of made up of 10 volunteers who each have their specific tasks, such as organising information meetings, descovering local artists to organise concerts with, taking part in St-Martin Fair in Vevey for years, making beautiful calendars with pictures of our Indian children.

Our main goal is to be able to use the money generously given by our donators and sponsors while minimizing the costs of functioning of the Maison des Enfants organisation itself.

The whole comity as well as Pastor Pappy Daniel and his whole team are deeply thankful to you for your generosity.

Thanks to you, our sponsored children from age 4 to 21 are housed, fed, educated, supported and loved by their "godmothers" taking care of them day after day.

Helping those children and families is our joy and motivation in spite of the numerous kilometers between them and us.